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Stockpile management, disarmament, demobilization, demilitarization, crackdowns on armed groups usually result in a mix of weapons and ammunition to be destroyed. The items are often of different models and of unknown status, which makes transport and storage difficult. Rapid destruction, often at remote locations, is required to avoid proliferation.

Example of situations

• Mine action programs

• Stockpile management

• DDR-process

• Disarmament of armed groups

• Crackdown against armed groups

• Finds of hidden arsenals

• Customs activities at borders


Today, the problem is often handled through open burning or open blasting, with non-reversible effects on health and the environment. Available options for non-industrial destruction are usually incomplete and lack one or more vital components. Sweden has world-leading expertise in several key areas of disarmament, but there has been no coordinating actor. Now, Disarmament Solutions is that actor.

Problem analysis

• Today, destruction is conducted in violation with Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

• There is a need for highly mobile facilities to enable rapid and sustainable destruction in remote locations.

• There is a lack of suppliers that offers solutions for destruction of both weapons and ammunition.

• There is a lack of environmentally friendly options that meet stricter requirements.

• Existing technology requires specific infrastructure and extensive preparations.

• Most projects lack the budget to invest in new costly infrastructure.

• There is a lack of expertise to act in accordance withinternational guidelines.

• There is a lack of suppliers that offers a complete disarmament service, where a mobile facility with staff can be rented only for the time needed.