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Disarmament Solutions is a Swedish enterprise that designs and delivers comprehensive and customized solutions for the disarmament of conventional arms and ammunition. What makes Disarmament Solutions unique is that we have access to all products and services needed to deliver a complete disarmament process.


We collaborate with a number of Swedish companies, all with broad experience and unique technical expertise, which contributes to creating a complete solution for disarmament of conventional weapons and ammunition. Together, we form a hub for a new, strong,

Swedish export area with the added value of a humanitarian and security policy approach.


The risks associated with arms and ammunition are multifaceted and relate to safety, security, and the environment. These risks must be handled collectively and balanced when implementing disarmament projects, to avoid sub-optimised solutions and unwanted consequences.


Unplanned explosions have occurred in 100 countries over
the last 35 years.

The safety risk is related to the
fact that ageing
explosives become less stable and may cause
planned explosions which increases the risk of severe accidents during handling.



There are over 1 billion small
arms in the world today.

The security risk is that weapons and explosives may fall into the wrong hands and be used for antagonistic purposes by terrorists or criminal groups.


Weapons, ammunition and
explosives contain
both toxic
substances and heavy metals.

Destruction by open burning or open detonation will lead to irreversible consequences for air, ground water and soil.


Explosive Remnants of War - The main obstacle for reconstruction of the society

Donation program to support Ukraine with urgently needed demining equipment


“We are living in dangerous times. Protracted conflicts are causing unspeakable human suffering. Armed groups are proliferating, equipped with a vast array of weapons. Global military spending and competition in arms are increasing, and the tensions of the Cold War have returned to a world that has grown more complex. […] This new reality demands that disarmament and non-proliferation are put

at the centre of the work of the United Nations. This is the backdrop for my agenda for disarmament.”


UN Secretary General António Guterres

24 May 2018

The wide availability of weapons, ammunition and explosives is a global problem that prevents sustainable development for humans and countries all over the world.

Actions taken for disarmament purposes are usually incomplete, lacking one or more vital component. In addition, the matter is seldom approached from a national perspective and coordination between participating actors is often inadequate. These shortcomings lead to sub-optimised solutions and significant financial consequences.

Sweden has world-leading expertise within several key areas related to disarmament but there has been no single actor coordinating this expertise. Now, Disarmament Solutions is that actor.