EAGLE A7 is an AI-enabled drone-tech platform that can autonomously detect, map, and even destroy landmines and other buried and non-buried ordnances. Crucially, this is achieved remotely, without any human risks. This is a radical upgrade on manual demining—EAGLE A7 is significantly safer and over 50 times faster than current methods. Operators can even detect modern composite, plastic-based landmines and explosives, which is not possible using traditional methods.

All donations towards EAGLE A7 will be instrumental in advancing the mission to refine and enhance this life-saving drone technology. Specifically, funds will be allocated towards refining AI models using data collected from the fields of Ukraine, ensuring the systems are finely tuned to detect even the most elusive explosive remnants of war (ERWs). Importantly, supporting EAGLE A7 will enable critical pilot tests in Ukraine, to validate the effectiveness and reliability of the system against ERWs in the real environment. This step is crucial in the journey to make Ukrainian demining operations safer and more efficient, ultimately saving lives and restoring land to communities affected by conflict.

All donors receive a personal donation certificate from the embassy as proof of their important contribution to Ukraine

(unless anonymity is requested).


EAGLE A7 is an end-to-end tech platform developed by Aerobotics7 for multi-domain threat detection and neutralization, tackling the devastation and long-lasting effects of landmines by harnessing both drone technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The technology is unparalleled, featuring custom-designed sensor fusion and advanced AI foundational models. This allows for precise detection of hazardous objects, including the detection of a broad range of ERWs including non-metal (plastic-based) landmines that currently evade detection by existing technologies.


Aerobotics7 have already made significant strides in their adaptation of EAGLE A7, showcasing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at the Reno Former Airbase, where they impressed partners and EU mine experts with their capabilities in detecting replicas of mines and ERW used in Ukraine that are harder to detect using current methods. Now, the immediate goal is to pilot and deploy this technology in Ukraine, aiding in the clearance of 180,000 square kilometers of land suspected to be mined—a staggering 30% of the country's territory.

Your support can propel EAGLE A7 towards this goal, enabling Aerobotics7 to test, refine, and deploy their technology in Ukraine and embark on life-saving missions in conflict-affected regions. Every contribution brings us one step closer to a safer world. Join us in this vital cause.


For more information, please visit https://www.aerobotics7.com/eagle-a7/