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Adapted to Ukraine

Warning and cordon equipment

This is a complete set of equipment that contains everything needed to be able to block off hazardous areas, warn people and avoid accidents. The kit is intended to be spread quickly to all areas affected by mines and shelling. It contains all the necessary tools, cordon equipment and warning equipment in Ukrainian, all packaged in a customized carrying system. Consumables can be easily refilled.

The equipment is designed according to both Ukrainian and UN demining standards and thereby prepared for international support with demining.

Complete toolkit for deminers/EOD-operators

This is a complete set with all the equipment that a deminer needs in his/her daily work and contains instruments for localization, prodding, vegetation removal, excavation and marking of cleared areas. The equipment is packed in a functional carrying system so that it can easily be carried to the clearing site. This kit is intended to contain all the necessary basic equipment that a deminer needs - everything is included. In this way, a large number of deminers can be easily equipped and start the clearance work.

Explosive Ordnance Risk Education Ukraine

The training

This is a specially developed training for personnel who will work in areas where there may be exposed to the threat from mines and unexploded ordnance in Ukraine. The training is for  non-specialists and aims to learn how to act in this environment so that accidents are avoided. The training consists of two steps of one (full) day each. The first day is basic training aimed at all categories of personnel. The second day is advanced training for those who are to stay / move in areas where there is a greater risk, such as reconstruction personnel, journalists, aid workers. The training is complete and provides the necessary knowledge, practical training of individual skills and a personal kit with the necessary safety equipment. The training is fully adapted to the ammunition threat in Ukraine and is carried out by specialists with experience from Ukraine. Prepared training facilities are available in Sweden and the training can also be carried out on site in Ukraine or elsewhere.


The equipment kit

The equipment kit is a personal safety equipment package that is adapted to the training, consisting of:

  • Functional carrying system to be able to carry the equipment
  • Equipment for detecting and identifying the threat
  • Equipment for handling risk situations
  • Equipment for marking, warning and reporting
  • Equipment for survival in an urban environment
  • Equipment for trauma care in the event of explosions
  • Memory cards for different type situations

Each training step has its own adapted equipment kit.
The kits are designed to be combined and used together.

The equipment kits can also be provided separately as a safety kit for all kinds of personnel who are to operate in areas where explosive ordnance occurs. This is specification of the two kits.

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